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How do you ensure a booking?
Choose your wedding photographer wisely


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How do you ensure a booking?

It's a question all of us photographers struggle with daily, whether it's wedding photography or family or baby etc.  How do you ensure that you get the booking.  How do you get the bride to chose you above another wedding photographer?
It's a simple question, and everyone seems to have an answer for it but to me it boils down to - if the bride & groom like your wedding photography, or the mom of a newborn likes your baby photography etc.  and your price is within your range, they'll book you.

Choose your wedding photographer wisely

Every time I go online, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or the Web I notice new photographers in the area.  And I always wonder - where do they keep coming from? Who are they? How long have they been doing this? What experience do they have?
Every year photography becomes a more increasingly competitive market.  Stay at home mom's take it up as a hobby, someone got a really nice digital camera as a gift and suddenly they have a website and influx the market.  I love photography it's my passion and it's my lifeline, and it makes it so hard for someone who has worked so hard it this for the last 6 years to compete with a new "pop-up" photographer who grossly undercuts us as professionals.
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